Taiwan the new Hawaii?

Taiwan the new Hawaii? It has been suggested in several articles it is the “New Hawaii”, well that’s really stretching things a little too far. However Taiwan is certainly Asia’s crown jewel of surfing, it’s a magical mix of uncrowded high quality waves, incredibly friendly and interesting culture, a food paradise and naturally and geographically nothing short of amazing.

Surfing wise, Taiwan provides high quality and uncrowded waves ranging in size from chest high to 2’ overhead. It has an incredible range of waves, which will satisfy a wide range of surfers from beginners to pros, but it is not renowned for the giants, which the extreme surfers are hunting. The seasons are from October to April (winter) which provides consistent quality waves and from May to September for the Typhoon Season.
Taiwan the new Hawaii

Surfing as an industry is still in its infancy and can make it challenging for inexperienced travelers to find the best locations and facilities. However, there are some excellent surf camps and lodges, which are located in prime surfing spots, are provide excellent guide services and facilities.  http://www.surftaiwan.com/?utm_source=Magicseaweed&utm_medium=Magicseaweed&utm_campaign=Magicseaweed



Taiwan the new Hawaii

Naturally, Taiwan is a true wonderland of forests, jungles, mountains and beaches. Often the mountains reach almost into the sea and the jungles and forests provide amazing interludes when the surf isn’t cracking.

Taiwan Asia's jewel of surfing   Taiwan Asia's jewel of surfing

One thing Taiwan is very famous for in Asia is its warm and friendly culture and absolutely delicious food. It is also one of the safest places in the world to travel with virtually no danger of harm to yourself. Walking or hiking through the forests will often bring you face to face with the local wildlife like the monkeys which inhabit much of the island. Check out https://www.monsterchildren.com/61424/surfers-guide-taiwan/

Taiwan Asia's jewel of surfing   Taiwan Asia's jewel of surfing

Top Surfing Beaches in Taiwan

Here is a quick list of the most popular surfing spots in Taiwan. The 2 hottest surf spots on the island are by far Donghe and Jialeshui in Kenting.

Here are some videos worth watching:


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Taiwan Asia's jewel of surfing Taiwan Asia's jewel of surfing Taiwan the new Hawaii Taiwan Asia's jewel of surfing