product quality management

Design Process


Our careful product quality management system ensures the Claw’s product quality. The finished product evolved from a lengthy, careful and detailed design and testing process. It had to have many attributes such as:

1.       Very light weight

2.       Floats if dropped in the water

3.       Easy grip to hold on to

4.       Wide holding area so there is no balancing problems, just pick up the board and go

5.       Comfortable to carry and control the board due to the shape (fingers and knuckles not touching the board) and the use of flexible materials

6.       Non slip grip against the board (EVA strips) so the board won’t slide out

7.       Enough length to enable almost anyone to comfortably and easily reach across the board

8.       Bright vibrant colours to look great but also be easy to see if it is dropped

9.       Fully recyclable material (not disposable plastic rubbish)

10.   Strong and tough – tested to 100kg

11.   Long lasting, not a disposable commodity

12.   Affordable pricing – to be an everyday commodity for surfers

13. Specs – 65 mm gape, 30mm deep and shaft 100mm (see attached image)

The advantages over the other carrying methods are obvious with no need for complex or bulky extra equipment and absolutely simple and comfortable to use.  


carrying a surfboard

A careful product quality management system is conducted throughout the production process ensuring a truly high quality product. We continuously strive to observe and constantly research how to improve our products. Regular customer feedback surveys are conducted to understand the requirements of the customers.

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